About RnR Gamers, Please Start Here!

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About RnR Gamers, Please Start Here!

Post by Cappy » Sun Mar 30, 2014 11:28 am

Welcome to our Forums!
RnR Gamers was created, with both the Serious Gamer in mind as well as the Laid Back Gamer!
RnR gamers was created by Adults who get on to, Have fun, enjoy the Game and have interaction with other folks.

We hope to have a place for everyone.
For those of you who Are serious about Tactics and Training, You can Join or Perhaps, Lead that Group for any Particular Game.
If you Just want to have times to go explore or do some casual Gaming with others. We have a place for you too.

If you join a serious Group here in RnR, be Serious and dedicated to that group, and of course the same goes for a casual or more laid back group. (Just Take it easy Breezy)

We don't have any particular rules about how often you Post on the Forums or are on Team Speak. We'd like to think that you joined us because you want to interact with us. If you have to be away for personal reasons for a while, let us know. If we Don't hear from you for a month or Two you'll probably get set to inactive. No Worries though, catch up with us when you can and let us know what's up!

We have only two Serious rules:
1. Don't be a trouble Maker!
2. Don't Give RnR Gamers a bad Name in the Community!
These will get Ya the Boot!

Thank You!
Your Host's
Cappy & Blue