Here are some Reasons!

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Here are some Reasons!

Post by Cappy » Mon Mar 31, 2014 5:58 pm

We currently have 2 main games that we are sponsoring.
Planetside 2 and Elder Scrolls,

We also have some interest in Titan-Fall.

Elder Scrolls is just getting Started

PlanetSide 2 is is Tactically Accomplished!
RnR Intends to break all the Molds in PS2

From Hardcore Infantry assault Squads, Armor and Air

Rouge Squads, Light Assault and Infiltrator Squads!
Harasser Squads, Viper Squads, Battle Galaxies and More!

There are outfits that Simply have big Mindless Mob's, Some are hardcore to a point where there is no room for guys who want to play Their Preferred class or Vehicle. And Some outfits have a minimal amount of Order. IE. "Okay everyone pull a tank, Everyone Heavy assaults! Etc."

How about this?
If I have guys that want to be Infiltrators then we have an Infiltrator squad!
If I have guys that want to use Hardcore Infantry tactics then that's what we'll do!
Light assaults, Tankers, Pilots, Harasser Driver/Gunner teams! How about a Rouge Squad of guys who do their own loose tactics, You Name it.
Put it all together, You have an Army! Rock Solid.
This is what no other outfit has or will do!

This is a new outfit,
We need Leaders, Followers and folks that simply want to have fun!

If your interested, Register on our Forums, and we'll get you set up on Team Speak and talk to you about it!


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Re: Here are some Reasons!

Post by BlueDay » Sat May 10, 2014 12:45 pm

:D I like it.

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